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Expatriate Wealth Management and Investments

The expat wealth books listed in this section are different from those in the other two book libraries that have been listed here - International Wealth Library and Underground Knowledge. These are generally shorter, more concise guides and reports, dealing with specific area of expertise and interest. Knowledge found in these books can be easily applied and utilized in your own business and personal life, as required. Managing your wealth and investments offshore is the key aspect of a successful expatriate living, as is knowing how to protect your assets.

   Expat Living and Wealth books
Bye Bye Big Brother Abridged book

Bye Bye Big Brother Abridged Book
by Grandpa and others

The abridged version of the Bye Bye Big Brother manual

The Perpetual Traveler theory was developed over many years of trial and error. In this abridged version of the BBBB manual you will find a massive amount of useful PT information.
 More information about Bye Bye Big Brother Abridged book.

Price: $99.95 - currently unavailable

The Gold Report

The Gold Report
 by Peter Macfarlane

How to buy, sell, and store the gold bullion offshore

The value of gold has been recognized throughout the history. In this report you will discover why holding gold or investing in gold is not only a good idea, but also a value investment in the long run.
 More information about The Gold Report.

Price: $27 - currently unavailable

Offshore Banking Guide

Offshore Banking Guide
by Peter Macfarlane

Practical guide to protecting your assets offshore

Banking offshore will give you security and privacy in protecting your assets. But There are many grey areas in this industry and you need to "arm" yourself with the right knowledge, before you venture offshore.
 More information about Offshore Banking Guide.

Price: $27 - currently unavailable

The Offshore Road to Riches

The Offshore Road to Riches
by Peter Macfarlane

Travel the world, make a fortune and return wealthy

One of the best ways to get wealthy is to run an international offshore business. But it will take knowledge, skill, persistence and some luck to succeed where many fail. You need useful and practical tools to use.
 More information about The Offshore Road to Riches.

Price: $49.99 - currently unavailable

PT2 The Practice

PT2: The Practice
by W.G. Hill

The ultimate guide to privacy tactics

After his original report PT The Perpetual Traveler, DR Hill developed the follow-up report PT2. This report delves further into the PT theory and puts his concepts into practice, on how to live PT-style in the real world.
 More information about PT2 The Practice.

Price: $39 - currently unavailable

VIP Divorce Kit

VIP Divorce Kit
by Peter Macfarlane

The international express divorce kit

As any wealthy person can attest to it, an onshore divorce can be an expensive legal exercise, emotionally and financially. Those dreams about life-long happiness can turn into a nightmare, that cause many problems.
 More information about VIP Divorce Kit.

Price: $27 - currently unavailable

Expatriate living information

As of 2014 these expat wealth books listed here are no longer available. However, we include this information as some of these titles are still being searched for online. At least you will find here more information about these unavailable titles.

If you are searching for W.G. Hill and Grandpa's books about Perpetual Traveler, second passports and going offshore, go to our PT W.G. Hill bookstore. See also Bye Bye Big Brother pages and the BBBB bookstore.

If you are looking for Australia's author Lance Spicer books, you will find them in International Wealth Library and Undeground Knowledge categories. Some of Lance's titles are no longer available, while those that are available can be found on amazon.


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