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The Offshore Investment Guide

Understanding Offshore Investments

This book contains comprehensive information about understanding and investing offshore, including valueable investment contacts.

The Offshore Investment Guide starts from teaching you understand the basics of offshore investing, to providing comprehensive guidelines and questions and answers on offshore investing.

The Offshore Investment Guide

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The Offshore Investment Guide features:

  • Is Offshore Investing for You and is it Worth it? 
  • Understanding Your Needs 
  • Offshore Investing Concepts You Should 
  • Understand Before You Begin 
  • 6 Reasons You Need Offshore Funds in Your Portfolio 
  • This Book Examines in Detail, Scenarios for the: Resident, Non-Resident, Expatriate working overseas, Offshore Equity Investor, Real Estate Investor, Business Person and Asset Protectionist 
  • 4 of the Best Offshore Investments Detailed 
  • The Best Internet Bank 
  • The Best Time to Invest Offshore 
  • The Biggest Mistake People Make 
  • The Best Places in the World for Asset Protection, Investment, Real Estate, Business and Banking 
  • How to do Your Own Due Diligence 
  • Internet and Offshore E-Commerce issues discussed 
  • The Best Offshore Broker 
  • The Offshore Investing Process fully explained 
  • Offshore Companies and Trusts – Do you really need them and the alternatives 
  • Borrowing Money Offshore 
  • Offshore Structures – How They Work 
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Offshore Investment 
  • The Things that Just Don’t Work, but everybody keeps trying to do them 
  • The Things that Do Work, but few people know 
  • All the New Tax Rules and Regulations Explained and How to Comply Fully…the Smart Way 
  • The Ultimate Offshore and Onshore Asset Protection Schemes…. That do work! 
  • "Foundations" Exposed 
  • How to Legally Transfer Your Assets 
  • Offshore Banking – How to do it, Where to do it and Why you should do it. 
  • The Truth about Tax Advice – Why it’s never quite right. 
  • Different Ways to Invest Offshore 
  • How to Stay Low Profile and Legal…. All the Way 
  • Advantages of Diversification and Understanding Offshore Markets 
  • A Full List of Offshore Investment Contacts 
  • and much more in The Offshore Investment Guide. 

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