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Page: Divorce and Finances Abroad - Policies in Different Countries

Divorce and Finances
in Different Countries around the World

Comparisons of divorce policies in different parts of the world

Unlike the early-marriage trend from the 1980s and 1990s, today people get married in their mid- or late twenties. This is the main reason why today the divorce rate has a tendency of falling closer to one-third, as opposed to the infamous 50% from the past.

It is still a fact that a marriage that does not function properly should end as soon as the two interested (or opposing) parties realize that they have nothing in common anymore. However, different countries have different rules when it comes to splitting assets earned during the marriage. This is an overview of their divorce policies.

As with anything in life, good planning can save you a lot of pain when marriage goes wrong.

Divorce in the UK

When a couple or one of the partners files a petition for divorce in the UK, the judge is the main figure that pulls the strings behind those proceedings. What you need to deliver to the judge is detailed information regarding your marriage. Those features include the years you spent together, as well as the assets and properties you have earned in the marital community. Furthermore, the judge also has to know where you work and how much you make for a living, as well as some intimate details, such as your roles in the civil partnership.

The first part of the divorce proceedings will take care of the children's needs, which is why it is important to know which of the partners is the primary career and which one is the breadwinner. The end goal of this procedure is to cut all the financial ties between the partners and enable them to start a separate life.

Russian family law

Under the Russian law, when a married couple wants to stop living together, the most important legal matter is their joint marriage property. Namely, there is a clear distinction between the assets each of the partners earned on their own and the goods that have made together during the marriage. The name under which a property or a belonging is registered is irrelevant; it is the funds that matter.

On the other hand, any asset or property acquired during the period of the marital partnership as a present or inheritance is excluded from the joint marriage pool and is usually not split between the partners. Exceptions are made only if the finances needed for the child maintenance cannot be regulated by partners' regular income. It should also be added that divorce is seen very emotionally in Russia and that former spouses rarely get out of it unscathed.

Getting separated Down Under

First of all, in Australia you can reach an agreement on your own and bring it to the court only for verification. However, if you are not that liberal, the court will decide what belongs to whom after the end of the marriage. Since there is no strict formula for this decision, the court will take into consideration all the available information. You have to inform the court on your incomes, debts and properties.

Furthermore, the court will include your financial contributions to the partnership, as well as the non-financial efforts of both parties. Finally, the future of both partners will be taken into account. This includes age, the children, the health condition and the ability to ensure a steady income. Only then will the court be able to bring their verdict.

Money is always an important issues, which especially becomes crystal-clear when divorce takes place.

The American divorce

The subject of divorce in the USA is still more related to local state laws, rather than the federal law. Also, if you get married in one state and divorced in another one, the legal separation will be recognized by the former state, as well as all other states; it is the residence at the moment of divorce that matters. When it comes to the financial settlement, the most practical and least stressful divorce method is mediation; that way both partners will be set free with a minimum level of legal proceedings.

On the other side, if you do get in front of the judge, the rule of thumb is that the property earned before the marriage is treated as an individual asset, while everything acquired during the marriage is shareable. Of course, the alimony is granted to the partner that gets custody.

Americans have also gone the furthest with simplifying divorces and making them easier by taking them online. For example, you can now file for Uncontested Divorce in California online without stepping outside of your home. California is not the only state, however. You can also get all necessary Oregon Divorce Papers online, as well as file for divorce in this state.

Rules of the Muslim world

In Muslim countries, rules might vary, but the common feature is that men can get divorce more easily than women. However, a man that wants to obtain a divorce has to take care of their former wife by providing enough assets for the child maintenance until the child reaches the age of two. Also, a man can use the benefits of the talāq divorce.

On the other hand, a woman who is seeking divorce has to get in front of the judge and provide enough evidence that their husband filed to provide enough assets for a normal living or some proofs of physical abuse. If you want to find out more about the rules of Muslim divorce, this article is a great source of information.

Customs and laws regarding divorce differ throughout the world, but one thing is for sure – if you cannot live together anymore, put that last grain of respect for each other and try to reach a mutual agreement. Such a settlement will save you and your children a lot of stress and suffering.

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