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Your guides to going offshore, expat living, offshore banking and investing

If you are looking for practical, tested and proven guides to expatriation and going offshore, books on offshore tax havens, banking and investing, you will find here a good selection of valuable publications by noted authors. These useful and insightful guides provide comprehensive information on the subjects of expat living, Perpetual Traveler, second passports, personal privacy and enjoying the freedoms this world offers. There is also information on forex markets, finances and investments. In our online bookstore you can now purchase offshore and Perpetual Traveler books by W.G. Hill and Grandpa, the International Library and Underground Knowledge books, and of course Bye Bye Big Brother hard cover set, CD-ROM, or e-book format as an instant online download.

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Why Banks Don't Need Your Money?

Traditionally, banks needed depositors' money to make loans. Things have changed since. Now banks only marginally need your money to provide loans. Instead, they rely on Fractional Reserve banking, where money is literally created "out of thin air". Read more about it.



Forex Trading Courses and Mentoring 

Whether you are a new investor or an established forex trader you would be always looking to get a professional help and guidance from somone who is experienced and a good mentor. Coach's Corner provides video, DVD, PDF, and webinar training and mentoring services in forex.

The 10 New Bali initiative to create 10 new tourism hubs
How blockchain technology is impacting the business world
Will Brittain be still investible after Brexit happens?

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Could cryptocurrencies be a business opportunity?
Ways to invest in real estate sans purchasing
How to get involved in fine wine trading?
Getting over the anxiety of life in a new country

'Non-dom' tax reform and British expats tax status

Join the dots of the forex fundamental news
Business brand helps you stand out from competitors
About Basics and Risks of Investing in Penny Stocks

Where are the World's Hottest Property Markets?

How the Price of Crude Oil Affects the Stock Market?
Using Basic Trading Tools for Improving Your Success
Divorce and Finances in Different Countries

  Purchase online - Bye Bye Big Brother black books and 4 updates


This popular set of hard-cover black books on asset and privacy protection will help you create a blueprint and action plan to escape Big Brother. You will also learn how to expand your professional activities, your offshore investments, and your business overseas.

The BBBB is available to purchase in these formats:
Hardcover printed black books - DHL delivery
Physical CD Rom - airmail or courirer delivery
An e-book download - buy online and download
  Free sample chapter - download it as a PDF

Get the full information about Bye Bye Big Brother.

Updates to Bye Bye Big Brother - buy invidually or get free with BBBB purchase

Citizenships and Residencies


Citizenship requirements
in 57 countries in 2014
39 EUR

Confidential PT Communications


Special communication
for Perpetual Travelers
39 EUR

Paper PT: An
Important Concept


What it means and takes
to become a paper PT?
39 EUR

What is "PT"
All About?


The concept of Perpetual
Traveler explained
39 EUR

Purchase online - Offshore Guides and PT Books by W.G. Hill and Grandpa

The American Expatriation Guide


How to "divorce" your
Big Brother government
99 EUR

How to Become an Honorary Diplomat


Lucrative positions with
diplomatic privileges
39 EUR

Brazil & Paraguay Confidential


Residence and citizenship
in Brazil and Paraguay
99 EUR

Campione D'Italia Confidential


Discover benefits of
Campione residence
99 EUR

ESCAPE! - P.T. Secrets Revealed


How to find freedom
in an unfree world
99 EUR

Instant Legal Residence Abroad


How to get 2nd passports
and citizenships abroad
99 EUR

The Invisible Investor - revised


International investing
and offshore wealth
99 EUR

Latvia Confidential
by Grandpa


Latvia residence program
through investment
99 EUR

The Monaco Report  by Grandpa


How to live and work
in Monte Carlo
99 EUR

Panama Confidential by Grandpa


Opportunities, residence
& citizenship in Panama
99 EUR

Perpetual Traveler
by W.G. Hill


Finding freedom in a
Big Brother world
39 EUR

PT4 Grandpa's Special Collection


Going offshore and
making a good living
99 EUR

Portable Trades and Occupations


How to gain financial
independence offshore
99 EUR

The Second Passport Report


How to legally obtain
a second passport
99 EUR

Think Like a Tycoon by W.G. Hill


How to make a million
in three years or less
39 EUR

The Historic W.G. Hill PT Collection


Five classic works
plus a bonus report
99 EUR

images/hp-business-teamwork.jpgExpert help with your offshore requirements

When it comes to offshore planning and expat living, you need to acquire the right knowledge and timely advice, to ensure that your moving offshore or setting up your business outside of your current jurisdiction is done properly and in line with relevant laws. This is where you need expert help and up to date information, to avoid potential problems later on. We help you find the right sources that will give your professional help and advice for your offshore needs, through our offshore guides, PT reports and privacy books available to buy online on this web site. You also have the chance to attend some of the premier offshore events.

Protect Your Privacy and Guard Your Assets

In these times of growing invasion and attacks on privacy, protecting your personal information, your wealth and investments has become increasingly important. Your right to privacy is inalienable and must be strongly guarded. The lack of financial privacy is of particular concern, that can leave you open to other attacks. Smart individuals arrange their financial affairs in legal offshore PT structures, protecting their business, wealth and finances, often for generations. See also our Articles on offshore and privacy themes, get some Investing Tips and Wine Investment info. There are also sections on Finances and Forex Trading.

  Perpetual Traveler books

In this modern digital age when personal and financial privacy appears to be all but an outdated concept, it's even more important to understand the basics of living your life freely on your own terms. The concept of the Perpetual Traveler, Permanent Tourist or PT was developed a few decades ago by Dr Harry Schultz and later expanded upon by Dr W.G. Hill. Perpetual Traveler book and other works by Dr Hill provide timeless advice on how to live your life free from the Big Brother intrusion. This includes 3-flags and later 5-flags theory of arranging your life and finances for a life of freedom.

  Bye Bye Big Brother manual

One of the most saught-after offshore secrets manuals, BBBB or Bye Bye Big Brother manual contains nearly one hundred special reports that have been comissioned and prepared by a team of international experts. This unique series of reports covers offshore financial, privacy and asset protection strategies, tax-free residencies, second passports and citizenships, and many other associated lifestyle and investment issues. If you value your privacy and freedom and wish to escape the clutches of the Big Brother, then this is the book you've been waiting for.

  Bye Bye Big Brother sample chapter

Take a peak at Bye Bye Big Brother abridged version book and the underlying PT philosophy by downloading free sample chapter in PDF. Bye Bye Big Brother teaches you how to create a blueprint and action plan for protecting your privacy and assets. You will also learn how to expand your professional activities, your investments and your business overseas. One of the most important PT books, now available in abridged version. This downloadble free chapter gives you an insight into the abridged version.

  Expat Wealth books and reports

Our series of Expat, Wealth, Offshore and Banking publications covers a small variety of different subjects. These expat wealth books include:
 The Gold Report - how to buy, sell and store gold overseas
 Offshore Banking Guide - practical guide to banking offshore
 Offshore Road to Riches - the offshore road to riches guide
 BBBB Abridged Book - the abridged version of BBBB book
PT2: The Practice - the ultimate guide to privacy tactics
VIP Divorce Kit - express divorce kit for quick offshore divorce

  Offshore Banking Countries

Contrary to what you might have been led to believe, offshore banking is a normal thing and happens every day around the world in numerous countries and jurisdictions. It's what makes much of business and financial world move around, and an innevitable part of international trade. Offshore banking countries usually specialize in providing banking services for expatriate businesses and rich individuals, who are looking to get more personalized financial and investing services, with more privacy and better asset protection.

  Investing Tips for Beginners

Irrespective of what type of investment you are looking into, good knowledge about the investment area is the key to your success. Each person starts investing with a different goal in mind, which ultimately plays a big impact on how you invest and determines whether you succeed with your objectives or not. There are some fundamental tips that can help a beginning investor make smart and informed choices. These articles on investing explore several investment options, with useful tips and practical advice.

  Wine Investment Guides

Global demand for fine wines is on the increase, making Wine Investment an attractive option. But this exciting new investment avenue carries considerable risks and it's not for start-up investors. Nonetheless, investors who have deep pockets and are prepared to take risks, will find this exciting area handsomely rewarding. Learn what makes wine investments both risky and exciting.
 Investing in Wines - wine experts reviews can lead to success
 Wine as Loan Collateral - yes, it's possible, with considerable risk

  Learn about finances

For internet-savvy people finances are thought of as a big bore. Financial planning used to be the domain of their parents and grandparents, who used to plan their finances to manage their family budgets and even earn a dollar or two from careful and sound investing. Nowadays it's all mostly dismissed as unnecessary exercise with so many (hollow) promises of quick riches. Nothing can be further from the thruth, though. Now, more than ever, it's important to do your financial planning and not leave your financial future in the hands of incompetent, debt-ridden governments.

  Forex Trading articles

Two trillion dollars is traded daily on currencies market, known as forex or FX market. This is more than the value of most of other markets combined. Forex market involves trading large volumes of currencies by banks, governments, large companies, and financial institutions. These Forex articles explain what is currency or forex trading, and how foreign exchange is conducted. They include:
 Forex Software - 6 tips for picking the right FX trading software
 Forex Explained - what is currency trading or FX in lay man terms

  International Wealth Library

Learn the secrets of creating and preserving your wealth with time-tested, legal strategies, utilizing offshore structures. This highly valuable International Wealth Library contains seven useful books on private offshore banking and investment secrets. Written by the Australian author Lance Spicer, the books include:
 The Invisible World - tax, investments, and citizenship strategies
 Invisible Banking - offshore banking and investing with privacy
 High Yield Investments - 2 investment books; and a few more...

  Underground Knowledge books

The Underground Knowledge books series covers secret strategies on international wealth preservation and privacy protection, to live and enjoy a life of freedom. How to beat government surveillance and avoid various scams and fraud. Penned by Lance Spicer, these books also cover the subjects anonymous banking, safeguarding your assets, offshore investments, second citizenships, and more...
 Underground Knowledge - books one through to four
 Scams and Fraud - financial scams and fraud exposed

  Money and Investing archive


Money and investments have always been interesting topics, never more so then at the time of the most recent economic crisis in 2008. The sub-prime and real estate collapse started in the US and then spread throughout the world. The effects of that crisis are still being felt in the sluggish world economy, the US and the EU huge debt and the ongoing economic turmoil around the world. Our Money and Investing archived news gives you the stories as they happened at the time, with interesting insights into politics and finances.

  Privacy, Offshore and Investing articles

If you are considering to invest offshore, or want to create an offshore business structure, you will find these articles both useful and informative:
 Achieving Success - 7 strategies from self-made millionaires

 Investing in Panama - Peter Macfarlane gives the details
 Millionaire Mindset - 9 characteristics common to businesspeople
 Online Transactions - online security and privacy more important

  Offshore Seminars

Business seminars and workshops are a fast-track way to acquire new business knowledge and meet new business partners and clients. From time to time we make announcements on upcoming offshore seminars. To give you an idea of what those seminars are like, where they're usually held, what topics are covered and who are the speakers, read our Seminars updates.
 Antigua Conference - Q Wealth Offshore Conference, May 2013
 Panama Seminar - Recipes for Success seminar, November 2008



Banks Don't Need Your Money to Make Loans

It's popular misconception that today's banks can lend only the money they get from their clients' deposits. Indeed, that's how traditional banks (one could say proper banks) used to operate. Fractional reserve banking made it possible for banks to lend sums up to 10 times their actual deposits. Learn more about how this system works.


The 10 New Bali Project

If you go to your holidays to the South East Asia destinations, no doubt you would know Bali as one of the top destinations. The popularity of Bali has led Indonesia to create an ambitious project to attract 20 million visitors by the 2020. They plan to accomplish this by developing ten more destinations to become Bali-like, successful in attracting visitors in their own right.


All About Commercial Lending

Whether you are starting a business or want to upgrade it and expand, you will usually need a commercial loan. Unlike personal, car, construction, or house loans, these business loans are much harder to obtain and involve a lot more work and requirements. In this article you can learn more about the process of commercial lending.


Thinking of becoming a trader? Going alone is not a smart thing. 
Get professional mentors to guide you.

  FREE Downloads in PDF

BBBB Free Sample Chapter
The Digital Bill of Rights
Free Online Privacy Guide

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