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Page: Five Valuable Collectibles Worth Investing In

Collectibles Worth Investing In

Five valuable collectibles that can be a good investment

As with most things, the Internet scene has breathed new life into the collectible market, making it more approachable and better connected than ever before. You no longer have to hang around garage sales and flea markets to complete your collections (though most would say that this is the fun part of being a collector), when you could just browse through a forum and match up a trade – an international trade. Collectibles can be anything, ranging from the usual suspects like napkins and stickers, to more bizarre items like celebrity hair and toilet paper holders. Here, we will focus on those which are actually worth investing your money in.

Comic Books

Although superheroes are enjoying an unprecedented level of fame thanks to Hollywood and the video game industry, comic books have always had their well developed audience, which has more or less been the same (number-wise). The Marvel movies have only tangentially affected comic book sales, but true fanboys and fangirls of the medium have always been around.

If you are a collector of vintage comic books, or even contemporary comic books,
you might be able to
cash in on the current popularity of this genre. (Image by Pixabay)

And with this cult following, vintage comic books have been sought after collector's items for decades. For example, Superman’s first outing in the Action Comics #1 was recently sold on an eBay auction for an unbelievable $3,207,852. Now, the chances that you will hunt down one of the estimated 500 copies of this comic book are meager, but you can still search for some other valuable issues, and resell them to more devoted audience. And if you intend to become a true collector – plenty of original titles come out regularly. Forget the classics, start collecting while they're fresh!

Music Records and Memorabilia

Once new technology kicks in we easily disregard the old mediums we used to play our favorite tunes on, but with the passage of time old music records are becoming highly sought out commodities. Just look at what happened to gramophones once the hipster movement started out!

Old music records and memorabilia have become another range of highly sought
vintage items that are
investment worthy collectables. (Image by Pixabay)

Consider for a moment that a signed copy of the With the Beatles record was recently sold for the $36,250, so if you manage to find some signed records or you pair them with some interesting music memorabilia, you will significantly increase their value. And once again, don't settle for old-timer music. Nirvana memorabilia is just as sought out as Beatles memorabilia, and no doubt there are plenty of active bands who are bound to become a collector's dream in a decade or two. Don't throw away those concert tickets!

Gold and Precious Metals

Gems and precious metals occupied the magpie-like human attention since the dawn of mankind. We now build our entire global currency around the value of gold, so it is no wonder that gold and silver bars are very valuable and sought out among collectors - some people have lux hobbies to go along with their lux life.

Because of its rarity, gold has always been an essential investment for savvy investors,
be it in bars,
bullions or gold coins form. (Image by Pixabay)

100 oz gold bullion collections are not only absolutely gorgeous and elegant, but they are also the most obvious investment you can make - money comes and goes but gold stays. Note that art has made its way into bullion collections as well – occasionally, collectible bars are released with the most intricate, beautiful carvings. It's like the highest level of coin collections.

Chinese Ceramics

Chinese ceramics in are popular collectibles thanks to their fragile nature. The average Westerner's thirst for all things exotic is often frowned upon these days, but exotic artifact/ornament trades are a very common choice for both the Western and Eastern market.

As Chinese ceramics become more and more rare, their value grows and they become
more worthy
collector and investment items. (Image by Pixabay)

The main reason behind this is that the Chinese are now in a better fiscal situation, and they can buy their nation’s heritage - every time a Chinese businessman acquires a Chinese antiquity, it stays in the country, which is generally beneficial. However, these items leave the market for good, so the price of all remaining ceramics automatically becomes higher.


It is really hard to write up a list of valuable collectibles without mentioning books. What makes them so good is that virtually every family has its own collection, and there's a solid chance that some of your grandparent's books that nobody ever reads could be very valuable editions. If you are ready to do your homework and to constantly cruise the flea markets and garage sales, you can find some very rare hard-covers for just a few bucks.

Old and rare books are another example of old mediums being replaced by new technology,
which in turn makes them valuable collectibles worth investing in.
(Image by Pixabay)

So, now that you now which collectibles are worth investing, we hope that you will find some way to channel a hobby into an activity that could actually help you save up for a rainy day. Be patient, take your time, and enjoy your hard earned collection!

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