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Offshore Banking Countries

Discover best countries for doing your offshore banking

When one thinks of offshore banking, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the idea of shadowy dealings, suitcases filled with cash, secret meetings, underworld figures, etc. But this erroneous view is largely influenced by Hollywood movies, journalist stories and sometime even news items. Not that these things sometime don't happen in real life. However, the media often potrays only that which is extreme, scandalous, and controversial, while ignoring the normal, which is what mostly happens in life.

  Offshore Banking and Corporations
5 Benefits of Antigua Passport

5 Benefits of Antigua Passport

If you travel often for business, or even have an offshore business, no doubt you will be looking to make your journeys hassle-free. Having a second passport gives you more choices and options, especially when it comes to diversifying your business interests. Here are five benefits of having Antigua and Barbuda passport, which offers exceptional benefits.

Costa Rica Offshore Corporation

Costa Rica Offshore Corporation

If you're considering to set up an offshore structure or corporation, then you will want to read this article outlining some basic points about Costa Rica offshore corporation. Find out why you will need an offshore corporation, what you will need to set up such in Costa Rica, and the many advantages such a corporation offers in Costa Rica.

Dubai Offshore Banking

Dubai Offshore Banking

There are number of reasons why doing your offshore banking in Dubai is an attractive option. It offers high confidentiality, flexibility, no tax approach, and it's very conducive for offshore banking business. Perhaps one of potential disadvantages for many prospective clients is that Dubai banks cater mostly for the high net-worth individuals.

Living Abroad as an Expatriate with Family in Tow

Living as an Expatriate with Family

The prospect of leaving your home country and going abroad can be both a terrifying and exciting. More so when you plan to move with your family. But we live in times when moving to another country can be an enticing option for a number of different reasons. Here are some tips to help your transition easier and more manageable for your family.

Offshore Outsourcing Tips

Offshore Outsourcing Tips

Startup business founders can access cheap engineering services offshore to test their early stage ideas. However, many start up projects fail due to various reasons. We examine six ways that can improve the success rate for your offshore projects. If you follow these suggestions, you will reduce the chance of your project failing.

Stress Factors of Expatriates

Stress Factors of Expatriates

Packing up and moving to a country of your dreams, be it for personal or professional reasons, can be an exciting adventure. But you also have to be prepared for the stress of adapting to your new life, new culture and new people. This is usually short-lived, but if you follow some useful tips, adjusting to your new country will be much easier.

In reality, the majority of offshore banking happens every day in many different countries and jurisdictions, that is legitimate 'business as usual' for thousands of domestic and international companies and wealthy individuals. Indeed, offshore banking is what makes much of business and financial world move around - an innevitable part of the international trade.

Offshore Bank Accounts

It's not illegal to open an offshore bank account, as many people wrongly believe it. The importance of opening an account offshore, when done correctly and legally, is that it's often safer when compared to domestic banking. Most of overseas banks offer privacy and security guarantees, making your assets better protected. You are less exposed to potential lawsuits, unfriendly creditors, and opportunistic spouses.

Another benefit of opening an offshore bank account is that many offshore banks will offer you higher interest rates on your savings or operating capital, when compared to your domestic banks.

In the USA and most of the European banks, the government is in control of your assets thus they can freeze your assets and bank account when it suits them. Often this is done for political reasons, rather than criminal prosecution. It becomes therefore important to look for friendly jurisdictions where you can legally expatriate some of your money and assets, to ensure better protection for you and your loved ones.

Best Offshore Banking Countries

Offshore banking countries differ in their performance. Some of the countries are better than others. The following are some of the best countries that offer offshore banking services. If you need to open an account offshore, these are the countries that you should consider.


This country has a premium banking sector. They offer services to local, expatriate and the offshore clients. In order for you to open an account in this country, you need to be aware of the minimum balance required in each bank, which can be high. Secondly, you are required to produce your passport, address that proves your identity, credit card and a bank card from your home country. More information about Dubai Offshore Banking here.


One of the fastest growing economies in the world is Singapore economy. This country will protect your money. Singapore also has one of the lowest tax rates. To open an account, you are required to have a passport, recent utility bill and residential permit for setting up of an account.

Switzerland township in mountains
Perhaps the most famous country for banking offshore, Switzerland still offers
great offshore services
for those in the know. (Image by


The Swiss banks have policies that are very strict. The laws of the country prevent the bankers from assessing the accounts of other customers. To open an account in Switzerland you are required to produce the usual: current passport, recent utility bill to verify your current address, how you plan to use your Swiss account, the purpose for setting up the account, etc.

There are other countries that offer offshore banking services. We will bring you more details and more information about each of these jurisdictions in a near future.


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