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Tips on Offshore Outsourcing
for Startup Business Founders

Six Ways to Improve the Success Rate of Your Offshore Projects

Offshore programming is an ultimate solution for startup founders who want to access cheap engineering services for an early stage idea. The startup projects may however fail due to various reasons.

The startup founders thus need to follow the following six tips in order to improve the success rate of their offshore projects.

1. Pick up your software development knowledge

» It is recommended for those people who have absolutely no computer science background, to read a few books on principles of software management.

» It is beneficial to learn at least how to analyze workflows, use case diagram and get to know why they have an impact on the entire system design.

2. Increase your knowledge on offshore outsourcing

» Founders should also try to foster their knowledge on offshoring, specifically offshore software development.

» They need to understand the process used in defining outsourced project requirements, evaluating proposals, selecting vendors and managing outsourcing life cycle.

» Though many are common practices, few specifics such as labor rates, cross cultural communications and management of project with remote teams apply to offshore engagements.

A group of people in a meeting
Develop local user interface to cater for different acceptance of usability
with various nation countries.

3. Be clear with your requirements and provide as many reference samples as possible

» The problem with most startups is that the ideas are immature. However, one should try to define the feature requirements usually in small intervals and try to shun from tiring software development cycles.

» One should also communicate a product road map to the offshore team who will in turn take future issues into consideration.

4. Hire local user interface designer to help

» User interface design is normally a specialized skill that is influenced or affected heavily by local cultures.

» The acceptance of usability is quite different between Indians, Americans and Chinese. A local user interface designer mocks up applications before coding and thus one need to consider hiring them.

» On top of a product having better feel and look, one can help the developers visualize before coding the application. This serves a great role in reducing offshore project risk. In fact most offshore projects have failed mainly because of the user interface issue.

5. Hire dedicated offshore developers

» Dedicated offshore developers normally work on material and time basis. It is recommended for one to hire them for a few months so that they can develop early stage idea. It is important to check their national insurance number to confirm identity.

» The developers mainly work full time and for this reason, one can work with them as the ideas are refined. If executed properly, the total cost of a project can be extremely low. One needs to contact an offshore vendor so that they can give the right team with adequate skills and domain knowledge.

6. Be extremely patient

» Patience will ultimately pay in any offshore development projects. A lot of time will have to be spent in the process of communicating with the team and providing feedback on the progress of their work.

» One is advised to use visual graphs, photos and screen shots in elaborating the points. No matter the length of time the project may take, persistence and patience will normally pay off in the long run.

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