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Campione Confidential

Campione D'Italia Confidential

Report by Grandpa

Switzerland's secret semi-tropical haven, where your apartment lease can get you the equivalent of a Swiss passport

Discover this small enclave that can provide you with enormous benefits, if you go the right way about it. Grandpa gives a thorough tour of Campione and explains its tax haven benefits. The report has been revised and expanded in 2012, including new pictures.

Revised and Expanded for 2012

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Benefits of Campione D'Italia residency

Campione is a unique semi-autonomous community located entirely within Switzerland's canton of Ticino, but being an Italian enclave also known as Campione D'Italia.

Resident permits for Campione are issued by Italian authorities, while access to the territory is governed by Swiss visa regulations. Campione residents can enjoy the benefits of private banking in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, while being able to work or do business in the EU and Switzerland.

To obtain residence permit you must buy or rent an apartment or house in Campione. Many wealthy American, British, German and Russian families live in this enclave.

Campione Tax Haven Facts

In this highly revealing and intriguing report, Grandpa brings out some fascinating facts:

  • Campione is not subject to any Swiss laws, Swiss taxes or Swiss tax treaties.  
  • Becoming a resident of Campione gives one all the advantages of being Swiss, but none of the disadvantages…no compulsory lifetime military summer camps and no heavy Swiss income taxes…  
  • Campione has all the EU benefits of passport-free, visa-free travel, the right of citizens to travel anywhere in the EU, but no income tax and no VAT. 

This special report gives the who, what, where, why, when and how of all the benefits of this unique state.

How to order Campione Confidential

This revised and expanded report by Grandpa is available to order online as an instant download, for 99 Euros. Payment accepted by credit and debit card, and by Paypal. All reports are downloaded in EPUB format, as an e-book.

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