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These PT, W.G. Hill and Grandpa books can be purchased online. All of the Perpetual Traveler books are available as Instant Digital Downloads, while the Bye Bye Big Brother manual is the only one that's available as Hardcover edition - the actual physical or hard copy books. Below is brief information on each of the books. Click on image or link to get detailed information, or purchase it from here.

The American Expatriation Guide The American Expatriation Guide
  by Grandpa and others
  How to "divorce" your Big Brother government

When your Big Brother government starts increasingly meddling into your personal and financial affairs, maybe it's time to "divorce" it. Renouncing your citizenship is one of the legals ways to free yourself. Learn how to jettison your citizenship and reclaim your personal freedoms.
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Price: €99.00   (USD $115 approx.)
How to Become an Honorary Diplomat How to Become an Honorary Diplomat
  by W.G. Hill
  Becoming an Honorary Consul General

When this classic work was published in 1994 by W.G. Hill, it was only sold to selective clientelle, at a $10,000 cost. Those who obtained this manual were successful in becoming honorary diplomats. Now's your turn to discover what it takes to become an honorary consul, and what it entails.
  More information about How to Become an Honorary Diplomat manual.
Price: €39.00   (USD $45 approx.)
Brazil and Paraguay Confidential Brazil & Paraguay Confidential
  by Grandpa
  Obtain residence and citizenship in these countries

If you are looking to obtain a 2nd passport, expatriate from your country and broaden your financial and wealth opportunities offshore, this special report by Grandpa will show why you should consider Brazil or Paraguay. But you will need to have high financial net worth to be considered.
  More information about Brazil & Paraguay Confidential report.
Price: €99.00   (USD $115 approx.)
Campione Confidential Campione Confidential
 by Grandpa
  Switzerland's Secret Tax Haven

Located within Switzerland territory on the border with Italy, but being an Italian enclave, Campione is also known as Campione D'Italia. Campione offers some tax benefits to its residents who rent or buy a house or an apartment in this small enclave.
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Price: €99.00   (USD $115 approx.)
ESCAPE! Report ESCAPE! Report
  by Grandpa
  Finding freedom in an unfree world

The concept of personal privacy seems to be an outdated in today's world, as we increasingly get "fed" by authorities, supported by the mdeia, the idea that "only criminals have something to hide", as if personal privacy is about hiding something. Nothing could be further from the thruth.
  More information about ESCAPE! report.
Price: €99.00   (USD $115 approx.)
Instant Legal Residence Abroad Instant Legal Residence Abroad
  by Grandpa
  Getting a 2nd passport or citizenship free?

There are numerous second passport and citizenship programs available on the web, which can be very costly. You often end up paying a lot just for the information itself, which is normally available free. This special report gives you immediately useful, essential information not found elsewhere.
  More information about Instant Legal Residence Abroad.
Price: €99.00   (USD $115 approx.)
The Invisible Investor The Invisible Investor
  by Grandpa and others
  International investing and offshore wealth

The original Peter Trevellian's report has been updated and revised by Grandpa and others. The report implores you to get your money out of the country before the country gets it out of you. As it has been proven time and time again, increasing capital controls force smart money to go offshore.
  More information about The Invisible Investor report.
Price: €99.00   (USD $115 approx.)
Latvia Confidential Latvia Confidential
  by Grandpa
  Legal residence in Latvia through property investment

If you are looking to become an expat and get a legal permanent residence somewhere in Europe, this could be the right choice for you. Latvia is one of the member countries of the European Union, thus giving you access to the EU, too. This is residency through property investment program in Latvia.
  More information about Latvia Confidential special report.
Price: €99.00   (USD $115 approx.)
The Monaco Report The Monaco Report
  by Grandpa
  How to live tax-free in Monte Carlo

Monaco is one of the most famous international centres, where the wealthy live and play, tax-free. Famous for its casino, F1 racing, Monte Carlo rally and other sporting events, this is a luxurious, urbanized, crime-free area where you can enjoy the best money can offer.
  More information about The Monaco Report.
Price: €99.00   (USD $115 approx.)
Panama Confidential Panama Confidential
  by Grandpa
  Opportunities, residence and citizenship requirements

Panama has one of the strongest banking secrecy and privacy laws. A well established and recognized tax haven, Panama is provides advantages and incentives to foreigners wanting to live there. Discover why thousands of international business corporations have made their home in Panama.
  More information about Panama Confidential report.
Price: €99.00   (USD $115 approx.)
Perpetual Traveler Perpetual Traveler
  by W.G. Hill
  Finding Freedom in a Big Brother World

Considered to be the "expat bible", the PT Book was originally written by William G. Hill back in 1985. In essence, by acquiring dual citizenship, you can become a PT and remove yourself from the control of any one government, becoming free to live, invest and diversify your assets globally.
  More information about Perpetual Traveler book.
Price: €39.00   (USD $45 approx.)
PT4 Grandpa's Special Collection PT4 Grandpa's Special Collection
  by Grandpa
  What you need to know about going offshore

Over the years Grandpa answered many questions from his readers about tax havens and how to earn and live offshore. This Special Collection contains tips and hard to find information about Perpetual Traveler lifestyle. There are 200 pages packed with useful information not found elsewhere.
  More information about PT4: Grandpa's Special Collection report.
Price: €99.00   (USD $115 approx.)
Portable Trades & Offshore Occupations Portable Trades & Offshore Occupations
  by Grandpa and others
  How to Become Financially Independent

Now in its 14th edition, this report shows how to make money in a foreign country, without any permits, capital or special education. Written and revised by Grandpa and others, the information in this book can help you become financial independent regardless of your current circumstances.
  More information about Portable Trades and Occupations book.
Price: €99.00   (USD $115 approx.)
The Second Passport Report

The Second Passport Report
 by Grandpa
  How to Legally Obtain a Second Passport
Getting dual citizenship and having a 2nd passport should be high on the list of any free-thinking sovereign individual. This is a legal way to escape the control over you by one government. But much more than that, it's a smart way to protect your assets and diversify your investments internationally.
  More infomation about The Second Passport Report.
Price: €99.00 - currently unavailable  (USD $115 approx.)

Think Like a Tycoon

Think Like a Tycoon
 by W.G. Hill
  How to Make a Million in Three Years or Less
Learn from the infinite wisdom and knowledge of Dr Hill’s practical advice. His book Think Like a Tycoon sets out a two-year plan to financial independence. This timeless classic is out of print collector's edition of the 1990 original. Includes 2011 updated material from Grandpa.
  More infomation about Think Like a Tycoon book.
Price: €39.00    (USD $45 approx.)

W.G. Hill PT Collection

W.G. Hill PT Collection
 by W.G. Hill
 The historic classics by W.G. Hill and Peter Trevellian
Available in one handy volume, these out-of-print classics are collector's edition of the works by W.G. Hill and Peter Trevellian. You will find in this volume Passport Report, Perpetual Tourist, Portable Trades & Occupations, Invisible Investor, Become an Honorary Diplomat, and Think Like a Tycoon.
  More infomation about W.G. Hill PT Collection.
Price: €99.00   (USD $115 approx.)

Perpetual Traveller or PT explained

For those of you who don't know, PT stands for Perpetual Traveler or Permanent Tourist. This is person who arranges his life and paperwork in such a way that all governments consider him a tourist - someone who's just Passing Through. As such a PT is usually not subject to taxes, military service, or frivolous lawsuits. Put simply, such person lives as tourist in one country, does business in low-tax countries, while being citizen of another country that doesn't tax his income earned outside the country. This 3-flags theory was originally developed by Dr Harry Schultz, the world's highest paid investment advisor. It was later expanded to 5-flags theory by Dr W.G. Hill, by adding asset haven country, where you keep your money and assets, and your playground country, where you spend your money and leisure time.


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