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Where to find additional information

Contained on almost 200 pages of products and articles on different themes, you will find a lot of useful information, tips and advice on privacy and financial matters.

But we are now starting this resources section to provide additional information from external sources. So, if you have a useful guide with comprehensive information or an infographic, please let us know and we might add your guide or infographic to our list.

Contact us via email mail [at] with the details.

Guides and Inforgraphic Resources

Accessible Guide for Disabled Entrepreneurs - If you are an entrepreneur with disabilities, you know how challenging it can be to build your own business. This guide aims to help with insights on the options and resources available to entrepreneurs with disabilities. More information and link to the guide on our Finances page.

Evaluating Best Credit Repair Companies - Trying to select proper credit repair company can be an ardous task, especially when you are already dealing with credit problems. This guide has been reserched and put together by Consumer Advocate team. You can find the information and link to the guide on the Finances page.

The 10 New Bali's Project Infographic - The government of Indonesia plans to greatly increase the number of visitors coming to the country. Its main tourist hub is Bali. The new plan calls for creating 10 new tourist Bali-like hubs in the country. More information about the project in PDF and infographic is on The 10 New Bali Project page.


The great delusion of Silicon Valley today is to bet on artificial intelligence and machine learning as replacing human minds, rather than merely aiding and enhancing them.

- - - George Gilder, Gilder's Daily Prophecy, January 19th, 2021