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Underground Knowledge #4

Privacy, Surveillance, Residency and Retirement Secrets

Undeground Knowledge 4

Underground Knowledge 4
by Lance Spicer
$40 - $890

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This fourth book in the Underground Knowledge Series introduces the reader to more amazing "secret information"…

Underground Knowledge 4 features:

  • The Secret of picking stocks that has yielded returns in excess of 100%+pa… The 10 fundamentals of stock market success and how to use them. If you check these 10 things, you will hardly ever make a mistake buying shares! Also, a company you should look into that passes on all counts (page 151)  

Privacy and Surveillance Knowledge

  • The government now has the right to snoop around on your computer, did you know that? We expose the "secret" ways to ensure they don’t see much by making a few little adjustments to your computer (page 34)  
  • Learn how to completely "disappear" from a private detective who spends his life finding people (page 29)  
  • How to uncover if you are being bugged (page 9).  
  • Where to buy spy equipment and bug detectors (page 12)  
  • There is a secret trick that "insiders" use to hide assets and protect privacy, do you want to know what it is? (page 39)  
  • How to protect yourself from identity theft, the fastest growing crime in the world (page 37)  
  • The best offshore banking haven? We let you know the 4 best places in the world to bank and invest (page 41)  
  • Would you like a portfolio based on a Nobel Prize winning economic formula? We reveal exactly what it is! (page 157)  
  • An amazing report on airport security – you’ll be shocked to find out what is really going on (page 24)  
  • The value of anonymous internet access – we expose the best provider (page 13)  
  • With all the "know your customer" laws in place, using a bank safety deposit box has become difficult if you wish to remain anonymous…. But there is an alternative (page 55)  
  • Investment and Wealth Building Knowledge!- 5 reasons to never buy real estate in your own name… this is a costly mistake so many investors make. We reveal why and provide the solutions (page 108)  
  • The company that has returned 4,875% pa for 40 years and how they did it and why they will continue to do it (page 159)  
  • The secret of never losing money on the stock market (page 160).  
  • There is a secret investing technique that utilises economic cycles that has proven very successful. We reveal how it works and who’s using it (page 166).  
  • The truth about options trading and the most important secret to trading them no one will tell you (page 168)  
  • Which shares are Rothschilds buying? We let you know (page 141)  
  • The best investments to take advantage of the coming boom in Eastern European economies (page 143)  
  • Have you have ever wanted to trade commodities for a living? It’s very lucrative! But you need a good trading platform and software. We introduce you to the world’s best (page 125)  

Residency and Retirement Knowledge

  • If you are thinking of retiring, you need to know which countries in the world are best for you. We let you know the best three based on costs, lifestyle, freedom and amenities…. You may be surprised by our findings (page 47)  
  • Retirement in Switzerland? Is it possible? We show you how and you don’t need to be a millionaire either (page 51)  
  • Slash your international phone calls by using this company and it’s not one of those dodgy companies using the internet either (page 73)  
  • A house that can be built for a few thousand dollars and is transportable anywhere. This concept is gaining popularity overseas and is ideal as a "bush retreat". We show you exactly how to do it…. Escape from the rat race and you don’t need a lot of money (page 79)  
  • Ever thought of living in a castle? There are castles available in this western European country for very low prices (as low as $15,000), but there’s a little secret…. The government will give you money to restore these historic castles and manor houses…. Up to US$250,000 in fact. What’s more anybody can buy them, even Australians. We show you how to do it and where to do it (page 96)  

Currency and Market Knowledge

  • Buy a share for $10, watch it rise to $20, it then plummets back to $10. One of the problems with the stock market…. However, we show you how you can sell yours for $20 even though the price is $10! (page 131)  
  • One way to profit from currency fluctuations is to borrow funds in a currency that is falling and invest the proceeds in an appreciating currency. This strategy is often referred to as a "multi-currency sandwich." We show you how to do it (page 133)  
  • Hedge Fund Secrets exposed (page 147)  
  • The world’s best and safest currency….. and why you should invest in it (page 150)  
  • Plus much more!  

You will find over 210 pages of invaluable information in Underground Knowledge 4 book! Available to buy online here.

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Posing the only real threat to (today's) happy scene are the politicians. In their grim global rebellion against the truth of time. They don scarecrow costumes of false disasters such as climate change, trade gap trumpery, debt doom or middle-class woe.

They scowl and leer and demand more power. They rant and vamp like vandalistic clowns of an apocalypse that will never come unless they summon it with their own lunatic fits and furies.

---Gilder's Daily Prophecy